The Complete package

Innpera Sporting Club is offering the complete package in fitness. Located in the heart of Taksim in Istanbul, it is the perfect city facility whether you are a local or just visiting. The first time I walked into ISC Innpera Sporting Club I noticed how organized, clean and refreshing the place was. I had been to other gyms around Istanbul that were outdated, dirty and unfriendly. I don’t go to the gym for socializing or status, I go to get a good workout! It was such a relief to come to Innpera Sporting Club, everyone was nice and their prices were definitely within reason. I also like to workout in the morning (there is a morning discount), and of course the light crowd is nice. I can always get a machine and take a swim in the pool without a hassle.

I am definitely happy I took advantage of my 7 day trial membership – which convinced me to sign up for a year membership. As a student I am on a budget, at Innpera Sporting Center I am able to make payments monthly – so I don’t have to come up with all the cash at once. That is really helpful, not a lot of places offer this convenience.

Thanks for the complete package ISC!

Mandee M. Astuti

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